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"Buy-UP" Program


The "Buy-UP" program offers individuals to join 4BTC. Bid without sponsor activity to upgrade to the next Level.

1. Member informs admin to participate in the "Buy-UP" opportunity.

2. Member receives a dedicated Wallet ID to complete the "Buy-UP" payment of 0.032 BTC.

3. Member registers a position into the Entry Level Matrix without completion of a payment.

4. Member receives in addition a qualified, fully paid-up position in the Winner L1 Stage2 Level, which is a Company Forced matrix.

5. Member now receives all Level Bonus forward, paid INSTANT direct to the member's personal wallet ID.

6. Member starts with two position, WITHOUT the requirement to sponsor new members. Added benefit, member may refer new members and receive INSTANT Referral Bonus as well.

7. With delivery and acceptance of login information, Member agrees to the Terms as listed.

8. For details and wallet ID send ticket attn: Holger